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Looking Forward To Summer

Summer is here! With the current events in the world, the Pandemic has slowed down the activity of tourism. I have had the cabins closed until recently for just limited guests. It has been a time for myself to be grateful, blessed and sad. The sadness comes form all the lives that have been lost with the Covid19 Virus. I am slowing opening my cabins, as I plan to leave gaps between rentals so we can clean and disinfect cabins thoroughly.

Whispering Hills Cabins are still a great place to come and keep your social distance. Our cabins are not close together and we do not have any areas on our property for large gatherings.

I would highly recommend if you stay with us to reserve your boat from the Lost Bridge Marina, which is 10 minutes from cabins. Once you get on a boat on Beaver Lake in Lost Bridge, you will never want to go any where else again. Our area is usually not crowded, the water is the clearest and there are many coves and bluffs to explore.

As of today the lake level is 1,129.50 Feet MSL which is 8.50 feet above full pool of 1,121.00 .

Hopefully we will see you soon as Whispering Hills Cabins.


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