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Fall in Arkansas

Whispering Hills Cabins is a great Fall getaway.  When you experience Fall in Arkansas, you will experience the views of wildlife this time of year include Deer, beautiful Bald Eagles, fox, bobcat and many wild birds.  Many folks don’t realize the beauty of Beaver Lake until they are still and quiet.  The weather soon will be cooling, and we will be purchasing firewood.  We start putting out wood closer to November when weather is perfect.  If you come in October and it’s cold, we will do our best to have our firewood supply stalked.  Firewood prices were extremely high last year, and I expect to be the same this year.  With this being said we are limited to what we put out at your cabin this year.  We will do our best to insure you have a good evening fire.

Start planning your Fall getaway now.  Soon I will update you on the fall events such as War Eagle Craft fair and the Bike Blues and BBQ Festival.

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