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Covid19 Update

Recently our state began opening state parks, campgrounds and lodging on Beaver Lake. We are taking every precaution to prepare your cabin before your stay, such as extra clean and disinfecting. Coming to our cabins is a great getaway with social distancing made easy.

As a cabin owner its been a very hard Spring with all the closings. Its even harder when our guests book and cancel constantly because of being uneasy about leaving home. Before you decide to book a cabin please consider us when you are reserving.

If I were coming to Whispering Hills Cabins, I would reserve a boat and get out on the lake. We also have a couple places you can pick up food and eat on your boat. Starkey Marina prepares pizza and BBQ to go. If you want to venture a little farther down the lake, about 30 minutes from Lost Bridge, you can order and pick up from Ventris Trails End Cafe. They make sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken and the best homemade pies in town.

So plan your trip here and make great memories!!


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